There is usually a large difference between a hotel or motel on the side of a highway and the homey comforts of a small bed and breakfast. You may pay a little more at a bed and breakfast, but you will get more too. We will give you more privacy and a unique ambiance beyond all your wildest expectations. We will help you enjoy, in any way we can, your experience with us. You just cannot find this at a chain motel!

Compared to other Bed and Breakfasts, this one is undeniably the most unique and a whole, individual establishment, all to yourselves. There is room to breathe and walk on the grounds; stroll through or sit on a bench in the large water garden; and hike the 20 acres if desired. Your hard earned money does not just pay for a cubicle room but an entire mini-resort vacation. Try us on; I think we’ll fit.